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The key to look bigger and stronger automotive industry parts

If the vehicle frame likened China's automobile industry, the core components are bones. "Bigger and stronger automotive industry, the key parts!" Vehicle independent brand market share at around 40%, is not low but the core components, mostly foreign control, so independent of whether the results will be marked with a discount?

At present, China's auto market annual sales approaching 25 million, which is a native of parts, the company offers a development opportunity. Tun, autonomous parts enterprises occupy the right place; the fierce market competition, OEMs, dealers, parts suppliers, etc. to form a complete chain, certainly in cooperation with the production of cost-effective products, parts companies, will give OEMs a competitive advantage, which requires independent core parts enterprises powerful as soon as possible. The world's leading auto parts enterprises, especially in the world's top 500, prices, profits high, to independent parts enterprises development "gap", we win the high cost is not impossible, at present, some Chinese parts product category quality and "big names", but the price significantly lower than the other. In recent years, I interviewed dozens of independent brands lights, tanks, hoses and other production plants, could feel the entire automotive industry chain, China forces are playing a significant role, through macro strategy to organically "linked" together, promote the overall progress of Chinese automobile really strong day will not be too long, but also to more effectively implement pull of the entire national economy and lead to related industries. Further, in my opinion, some of the important raw material production areas should be included in the scope of the core components.

It is reported that a company a virtual monopoly on the supply of gasoline engine production for all can not be the engine of its own brand cars; some companies not only control the global heavy-duty transmission of R & D and sales, almost monopolized the Chinese heavy-duty transmission market; a company is a global the largest automatic transmission manufacturer and the world's fifth-largest auto parts company, its Chinese operations in every corner of the ...... strengthen and expand China's auto industry, the revitalization of the core components of a long way, really needs overall development strategy. Upstream, downstream, the automobile industry has a stretch of industrial chain, the most critical part of this chain, China's own brand components must not "absent", the best form of large group of globally competitive, so we can say China Automotive industry strong. This is the ultimate goal of the core components of the strategy. First, the Chinese auto parts enterprises strive to become stronger, long-term, focus to concentrate on, willing to invest, talent, scientific management, technological progress ...... In short, the basic lessons have to do prison; secondly, there must be conscious OEMs to support their own brands Parts business, in fact, this is not a simple but a win-win relationship support, development and expansion of the latter, the former can reduce costs, have a stronger market competitiveness; again, the relevant departments, agencies, including the media should be encouraged, support OEMs, including joint brand OEMs select independent parts products. Author of the survey found that there are joint venture brands, independent brands not only select parts instead suppressed, which is a worrying phenomenon, the Chinese joint venture the right to speak in the end? China should stand up and speak.

Parts certainly is a national industrial strategy, otherwise it is impossible to implement; it must have quantifiable indicators can not be done quickly, Rome was not built in a day and not be adversely affected by aircraft, so long as it soaked, it must have a "qualitative change" of the time. There are tactical approach may wish to take all break. Localization is right, but localization is only the first step, the first step on the right track as well as second and third step, and the vehicle, as the core of China's auto parts must have their own brand. OEMs equity components should be encouraged businesses to encourage corporate equity component OEMs, thus go hand in close cooperation to form a community. Of course, cooperation should analyze specific issues, this strategy can not "raw melon hard twist", should be given China's independent parts enterprises with aggressive vigor and display space.

Calls for the automobile industry is not calling for the core components of the strategy of monopoly, but to fair competition on the basis of a conscious bigger and stronger themselves. There are vehicle parts worth mentioning Ye Hao, should support those strong, strong corporate profitability, its timely help, icing on the cake, rather than the implementation of "poverty alleviation programs" will be human and material resources to "help is not up fools" who . Good steel is used on edge!

Conclusion: the revitalization of China's manufacturing entity automotive industry is the key, and overcome the core components is the key to the automotive industry. Capture core components, automobile industry in order to form a perfect "closed loop." China's auto industry to the "hollowing out" to "solid" of the time.

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