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How auto parts industry to achieve "open innovation"

Car on the road to the road environment can be identified; autonomous vehicles driving behavior and driving habits and vehicle's behavior habits can match ......

The cars have a class of people driving behavior Sounds amazing? Not surprisingly, these seemingly abstract ideas may in the near future to become a reality, and these brainstorms ideas come from young college students.

Present, open innovation represents a trend. In the automotive industry, so it is inviting rivers attract creative innovation as a means of many.

High bonus seeking "good ideas"

"We have come across an OEM inquiry, asked if we can produce a product that can help detect the depth of the car in front of the river." Valeo comfort and driving assistance systems operate in China, President loose smile talked, A similar situation they encounter are not uncommon.

Indeed, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, a variety of new customers and market demand will follow the idea from. So for the automotive industry, innovation is the life force. In order to allow enterprises to avoid depletion in the development of innovative ideas in this Forced companies to seek more innovative ways.

September 29, the auto parts supplier Valeo announced the second session of the "Innovation Challenge" winners, Peking University School of Information Science and Technology with two outstanding creative team to win in one fell swoop. Similarly, in this competition, Valeo also received a variety of creative ideas. From the North "Eagle Eye" team with "vision-based pavement road construction vehicles and traffic information detection inference" solution, won the title. And this idea coincided Valeo "automotive energy saving and intuitive driving technology research and development" development strategy.

Valeo "Innovation Challenge" is a science and engineering students for the global automotive technology innovation event, aimed at encouraging them to ride the demand outlook in 2030, a bold vision to provide innovative future of automotive intelligence and intuition to enhance driving skills to solve Program. Championship teams can win € 100,000 prize, the runner-up and second runner-up will get 10,000 euros prize money respectively.

"As a high-tech company, Valeo, as the open innovation in order to maintain the vitality of enterprises, leading core technology through cooperation between the universities, business organizations, from the most active areas of innovation ecosystem draw in China, Valeo . nutrient "Arbuthnot, president of China introduced the Valeo: Valeo" Innovation Challenge "since the 2013 launch, this year's competition, nearly 50 teams from the world's top 200 colleges and universities participated in the Challenge.

On November 12 the "Second Valeo Innovator Challenge" North team celebration ceremony, Arbuthnot said in 2016 "Third Valeo Innovation Challenge" made some new adjustments, and before Compared to two Challenge 2016 Challenge Valeo innovation prize will be doubled.

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