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Necessity of auto parts metal surface treatment

With the rapid development of automobile industry, people outside of the car against the reliability of the environmental effects and the ability to long-running cars, beautiful appearance of stability, corrosion resistance as well as the car higher and higher requirements. Cars damaged mainly accident damage, wear and tear damage, corrosion damage and other three forms, of which the most serious corrosion damage. Materials used in major automotive metal-based materials, metal materials widespread corrosion problems. Corrosion damage not only the car's appearance, but also directly affect the life of the vehicle, while bringing environmental pollution, accidents and waste of materials and energy.

To this end, every car factory are subject to finished metal surface treatment. In addition to our well-known pistons, piston rings, connecting rods and other automotive engine three moving parts require electroplating process, the bush, intake and exhaust valves, exhaust, muffler, shock absorber rod etc parts are required to be surface treatment, and even car decorative pieces have to go through a surface treatment to improve the aesthetics.

Automotive common surface treatment methods are:
(1) electrochemical treatment: electroplating and anodizing
(2) Coating: spraying, electrophoresis
(3) chemical treatment: phosphating, passivation, black, etc.
(4) Heat treatment: hot dipping, thermal spraying, hot stamping, chemical heat treatment
(5) Vacuum method: evaporation plating, sputtering, ion plating, etc.

Auto parts is to support the auto industry healthy, stable and rapid important basis for the development of China's auto parts industry is of great significance. But now China's auto parts are still many shortcomings, if you want to change the development of China's auto parts industry, lack of motivation, weak core competitive situation, we must rely on technological innovation, starting from the materials, technology, design, manufacturing and other sectors, to enhance domestic technological competitiveness of automotive components. The plating technology is necessary to ensure the quality of quality auto parts.

Auto parts plating by function into three categories:
(1) Protective coatings: corrosion resistance, also known as electroplating, requires parts itself has good corrosion resistance. 70% to 80% of the total area of ​​automotive plating, such as zinc, galvanized alloy plating lead.
(2) Protective and Decorative Coatings: Automotive industry Protective and Decorative Coatings is very demanding, and asked the plating glossy appearance, color uniform coordination, good corrosion resistance, coating requires 5 to 10 years do not change color and does not rust, such as copper imitation gold, copper plus nickel plus chromium.
(3) Functional Plating: functional electroplating and plating the first two differ mainly given matrix material to specific physical and chemical properties, focusing on the characteristics of the coating itself. Such as pewter, hard chrome plating, tin and so on.

November 3, "Proposal of the CPC Central Committee thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development", to promote low-carbon transport development, the implementation of public transport priority, strengthen rail transit construction, encourage cycling and other green travel. The implementation of new energy vehicles to promote programs to improve the level of the electric vehicle industry The automotive industry in the future will certainly have a huge market demand, while the car's requirements will become more stringent, Jay Chang metal surface treatment, as a high-precision positioning, and advanced plating technology leader with a solid professional technology to a variety of Precision parts for strict dimensional control, to provide high-quality, high-precision plating services. Jay Chang has extensive experience plating on the metal surface of the car parts.

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