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Engineering the "Smoother-E Autoshift

The "Smoother-E Autoshift" system was developed as an evolution of Isuzus original drivetrain system, the "Smoother" series. An electro-magnetic gearshift unit allowed a new automatic shifting function to be added, further improving the economic, environmental, and easy-drive characteristics. This epoch making drivetrain system was completed through the appropriate balancing of these features.


Our "Smoother-F" advanced, original drivetrain system has been extremely popular with our customers following its launch on our "FORWARD" medium duty commercial vehicle series in 2002. In 2003, we expanded the deployment of the "Smoother" series, making it available as an option on some model types in the "ELF" series as the "Smoother-E". Developed as an evolution of the "Smoother" series, the "Smoother-E Autoshift" was made available throughout the entire "ELF" series from the 04 model, enhancing the entire "Smoother" series. This is an introduction to our innovative drivetrain system, the "Smoother-E Autoshift".

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